Dieter woke up in Oslo

November 3, 2009

Hi there!

Expect the unexpected, but this is Dieter (drums) of Brainstorm! Yes, after a pretty cool show at the K17 and a really good after-show-party at the Halford in Berlin, we travelled for more than 2 days now to Oslo! After a terrible night somewhere lost in Sweden, we now have finally arrived… and it’s probably the worst weather you can have over here: raining, dark and f*#king cold outside!

But anyway, we’re here backstage at the “John Dee” and waiting for soundcheck.
Let’s see how our Norwegian fans will react on our new songs, ha!
Anyway… tomorrow we’ll be in Bergen (…still Norway :-))  and also there… we expect nothing but the best!


Dieter (…the sleeper)

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