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Back in Germany

November 8, 2009
Hi Brainiacs, after we had been lost (almost) in Norway, we had a great show in Copenhagen, Denmark. Felt good to be back at “The Rock” and the beautiful city of Copenhagen itself. Mange Tak! Back in good old Germany,...
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Breaking news: bus crash

November 4, 2009
Dear friends and fans, due to bad weather conditions our bus crashed this morning and we will be unable to get to Bergen today in time to do the show. We are really sorry for this but – of course...
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Dieter woke up in Oslo

November 3, 2009
Hi there! Expect the unexpected, but this is Dieter (drums) of Brainstorm! Yes, after a pretty cool show at the K17 and a really good after-show-party at the Halford in Berlin, we travelled for more than 2 days now to...
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Offizielles Statement

October 31, 2009
Offizielles Statement (in German only) Leider haben sich an den ersten 3 Tagen der Europa Tour von Primal Fear & Brainstorm Backstage Sachen ereignet, die uns dazu zwangen eine weitere Zusammenarbeit mit Jaded Heart zu beenden und dies einstimmig vom...
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News from Italy

October 28, 2009
Hello friends, the tour is going very well so far! We have a great time together and enjoy every second on stage and backstage.It is a big honour, especially for me, to play in Italy; the country of my origin....
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BRAINSTORM back on the road!

October 25, 2009
Hi Brainiacs, Memorial Roots has already been released over Europe and the first reactions are overwhelming. We are on the road since two days now and Spain gave us a wonderful welcome and a great tour start! Barcelona, Madrid …YOU...