FIRESOUL release!

April 4, 2014

Hi Brainiacs,

today we celebrate the release of “Firesoul”. We are currently on the road playing fantastic release shows and enjoying the shows to the max. Munich gave us a great welcome yesterday, today we are playing the “Rock It” in Aalen and tomorrow the “Turock” in Essen.

For those of you, who still need to be convinced to snatch “Firesoul” or come to one of the shows, here are some BRAINSTORM press results – … so far, … so good, … so wonderful!!!

Some soundcheck results: Germany 9/10 points, Souncheck #2
Rock Hard Germany 8/10 points, Soundcheck #5
Metal Hammer Germany 5/7 points, Soundcheck #6
Aardshok Netherlands: 79/100 points, Soundcheck #10

Album of the week: 9/10 points

some review ratings:
La Heavy Spain 5/6 points
Metal Obs France 5/5 points 10/10 points 5/5 points 9/10 points 9/10 points 9/10 points 4/5 points

Some quotes in German:
Endlich mal Schwaben, die nicht sparen, sondern alles raushauen, was sie zu bieten haben.
Nach vielen starken Alben haben BRAINSTORM es geschafft, mit „Firesoul” mein bisheriges Lieblingsalbum „Soul Temptation” zu toppen. Und daher von mir: Alle Daumen nach oben!
Glückwunsch Brainstorm, zu dieser feinen Scheibe!
Eine der wichtigsten und auch sympathischsten Bands Deutschland hat es geschafft, an ihre absoluten Glanzzeiten anzuknüpfen und ihren Stil noch weiter zu verfeinern.
Alte wie neue Fans werden gleichermaßen begeistert sein.

Some quotes in English:
All the songs are great and the whole album blasts along like a rocket from Hades. Buy this, blast this and all will be right in the metalverse.
If you have loved Brainstorm in the past, Firesoul is MAN-DA-TO-RY!
If you like your power metal powerful and heavy, but with irresistible harmonies and stellar vocals, then you have to introduce yourself to Brainstorm, this is power metal at its finest!
As far as I am concerned, this band has to be in any discussion of the best Power Metal bands of today. Do yourself a favor, and pick up this album.

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