Fan video of a brand-new song!

July 21, 2011

Hey Brainiacs…

we are back from a FANTASTIC trip !! You made us speechless and proud !! Thank you so much for having such a great time together !! That exceeded all our expectations !!
“Metal Camp” // “Bang Your Head” // “Masters Of Rock”: we will see each other again… that’s for sure !! THANK YOU AGAIN !!

Check out this picture… 20,000 amazing fans at the great “Masters Of Rock Festival 2011” in the Czech Republik:

20,000 fans on Masters Of Rock! © Markus Wiesmueller

You can also find a lot of fanvideos from last week’s shows in the world wide web… but here is something special for you! The bootleg live shot of a brand-new song of our forthcoming album: “ON THE SPUR OF THE MOMENT” (release date: 30.09/2011). This is “Temple Of Stone”:

More info’s about the new album (incl. cover, songlist etc.) is on the way… Watch out for it !!



Masters Of Rock © Markus Wiesmueller
  1. Hello Brainstorm, we would like to thank for the WONDERFUL and AMAZING performance you gave at Masters of rock… You’ve topped every other band that played there before and after. We screamed our lungs out on “All Those Words” and on all the “heying”… I still have trouble talking:-)…Indescribably beautiful experience… Thank you

  2. Hi there, i´d like to add another thanks for the Masters of Rock show, it was really, really mindblowing. After the show adrenalin didn´t allowed me to fall asleep for next two hours. I could never imagine i can enjoy any concert that much without knowing the lyrics to sing along. Well, that was the last time – for the next year, i´ll be prepared. 🙂 Don´t you dare wait to came back for too long!
    This time i couldn´t talk for two days, next time it´ll be whole week! 🙂

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