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“Walls Of Skulls” album cover reveal !

May 7, 2021
BRAINSTORM announcing new album and revealing cover art “Wall Of Skulls” release date: August 20th, 2021 (AFM Records) More than 30 years of history in metal and still BRAINSTORM visibly captivates huge musical enthusiasm and joy while earning almost endless...
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First tourdates for “Wall Of Skulls” !

March 15, 2021
BRAINSTORM announce first tourdates to new album “Wall Of Skulls” After the end of the supremely successful Midnight Ghost album-tour-run, German Power Metal flagship BRAINSTORM used the pandemic live-break to record the new album “Wall Of Skulls” which will be...
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Happy New Year !

December 31, 2020
Goodbye 2020. You can fck off, we really won’t miss you! WELCOME 2021. You will be much more better! WALL OF SKULLS is on the way, and we will see all of our friends & fans again! Let’s raise our...
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Merry Christmas !

December 24, 2020
Merry Christmas | Frohe Weihnachten | Feliz Navidad | Buon Natale | Sretan Božić | God Jul | Joyeux Noël | С Рождеством | Veselé Vánoce | 聖誕節快樂 | Boldog Karácsonyt | καλά Χριστούγεννα | Wesołych Świąt | Glædelig Jul...
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WALL OF SKULLS Studio Update

November 15, 2020
Some more impressions from the #darkside 😉 recording #wallofskulls , heavy, energetic and more intense than you think. Recording 12 songs @seeb.ordenogan.greenmanstudios to bring the propably best album so far straight to your ears. Stay tuned for more details, coverart,...
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Brainstorm to build a “WALL OF SKULLS”!

October 1, 2020
Exactly two years after the release of their highly successful latest album “Midnight Ghost”, German power metal masters BRAINSTORM have now entered the “Greenman Studios” of producer Seeb Levermann (Orden Ogan) to work on the successor. It will be titled...
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Pre-production of album #13

September 4, 2020
Last night @ the Brainstorm Headquarter,Todde & Mille are in the final stages of the pre-production of the next Brainstorm album, working on more (and even some final) details & parts for the new songs. Expect nothing but an amazing,...
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Ice Rock 2021 !!

July 10, 2020
First show for 2021 to announce: ICE ROCK FESTIVAL in SWITZERLAND Last time was really amazing...
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Toni: National MARKBASS Artist !!

June 23, 2020
Toni Ieva is an official NATIONAL MARKBASS ARTIST from now on !! If you need a crushin’ but smart bass amp with a direct sound right in your face: check ’em out
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Songwriting Session

June 21, 2020
SONGWRITING SESSION We spend the whole weekend in the rehearsal room to write and arrange the new songs. We have an awesome time IT ROCKS LIKE HELL The instrumental parts are shaped to create a great base for the vocals...
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MARKBASS Amps for Toni

June 4, 2020
Our bass player uses the time to try out some brandnew equipment. Many thanks to MARKBASS for the 3 great and powerful bass amps. They sound killer Let’s see which one Toni chooses … #toni_ieva_bass #markbassgermany #officialbrainstorm
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Have A Great Weekend !

May 30, 2020
Meanwhile… @ the BRAINSTORM Powerdome… Todde, Mille and Andy had a fantastic meeting, talking shit and discuss all the details on the new album. Sometime, in the middle of the night we agreed: the next album will be THE album...