08.05 Rock in Rautheim (D)
2-4.07 Wolfweez Open Air (D)
19-21.08 Rock Castle Open Air (CZ)
17-18.09 WGM-Festival (D)

6-8.01 Ice Rock (CH)

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Brainstorm to build a “WALL OF SKULLS”!


Exactly two years after the release of their highly successful latest album “Midnight Ghost”, German power metal masters BRAINSTORM have now entered the “Greenman Studios” of producer Seeb Levermann (Orden Ogan) to work on the successor.

It will be titled “Wall Of Skulls” and is expected to arrive in Summer 2021.
“We really can’t wait to see the songs shaping into their final form over the next weeks during the album recordings”, says guitarist Torsten Ihlenfeld. “The whole songwriting process and the album pre-productions were awesome and we can already say: “If you liked “”Midnight Ghost” you will LOVE “”Wall Of Skulls”!”

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