08.05 Rock in Rautheim (D)
2-4.07 Wolfweez Open Air (D)
19-21.08 Rock Castle Open Air (CZ)
17-18.09 WGM-Festival (D)

6-8.01 Ice Rock (CH)

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WALL OF SKULLS Studio Update

Some more impressions from the #darkside 😉 recording #wallofskulls 🧱💀, heavy, energetic and more intense than you think. Recording 12 songs @seeb.ordenogan.greenmanstudios to bring the propably best album so far straight to your ears. Stay tuned for more details, coverart, tour, festivals …and some very, very cool surprises. Stay heavy and healthy, see you soon and ….metal to the max


cheers, Andy

Brainstorm to build a “WALL OF SKULLS”!


Exactly two years after the release of their highly successful latest album “Midnight Ghost”, German power metal masters BRAINSTORM have now entered the “Greenman Studios” of producer Seeb Levermann (Orden Ogan) to work on the successor.

It will be titled “Wall Of Skulls” and is expected to arrive in Summer 2021.
“We really can’t wait to see the songs shaping into their final form over the next weeks during the album recordings”, says guitarist Torsten Ihlenfeld. “The whole songwriting process and the album pre-productions were awesome and we can already say: “If you liked “”Midnight Ghost” you will LOVE “”Wall Of Skulls”!”

Pre-production of album #13

Last night @ the Brainstorm Headquarter,
Todde & Mille are in the final stages of the pre-production of the next Brainstorm album, working on more (and even some final) details & parts for the new songs. Expect nothing but an amazing, heavy & breathtaking album full of crushing riffs, thundering drums & amazing melodies. If you liked “Midnight Ghost” you will totally fall in love with Brainstorm album number thirteen!!!

Curious now … ? 😉 Stay tuned for more news soon here. 🙂

You like the shirts Todde & Mille are wearing? Get your Brainstorm merch directly here: https://merchcare.de/brainstorm/


Todde & Mille

Ice Rock 2021 !!

First show for 2021 to announce: ICE ROCK FESTIVAL in SWITZERLAND 🤘🏼 Last time was really amazing 😉🤘🏼

Toni: National MARKBASS Artist !!

Toni Ieva is an official NATIONAL MARKBASS ARTIST from now on !! If you need a crushin’ but smart bass amp with a direct sound right in your face: check ’em out 🤘🏼🔥


Songwriting Session

🔥 SONGWRITING SESSION 🔥 We spend the whole weekend in the rehearsal room to write and arrange the new songs. We have an awesome time 😎 IT ROCKS LIKE HELL 🤘🏼 The instrumental parts are shaped to create a great base for the vocals 🎤 We enjoy to work really hard for a great result ✊🏼 The photo was taken in front of our rehearsal room 📸

MARKBASS Amps for Toni

Our bass player uses the time to try out some brandnew equipment. Many thanks to MARKBASS for the 3 great and powerful bass amps. They sound killer 🤘🏼 Let’s see which one Toni chooses … #toni_ieva_bass#markbassgermany#officialbrainstorm


Have A Great Weekend !

Meanwhile… @ the BRAINSTORM Powerdome… Todde, Mille and Andy had a fantastic meeting, talking shit and discuss all the details on the new album. Sometime, in the middle of the night we agreed: the next album will be THE album and the perfect follow up to #midnightghost. Have a great weekend everyone, we miss you all and can’t wait to party with you again soon! Horns up… Metal to the maxxx #Brainstorm #tour #metal #music #newalbum #album13 #powermetal #heavymetal #band #germany #live #concert #konzert #show #2021 #instaphoto #instamusic #stagefright #stage #vocals #guitar #bass #drums #instagood #fans #news #power #strength #picoftheday


WGM FESTIVAL auf 2021 verschoben. Ihr wisst schon warum… Trotzdem wollen wir euch dort sehen, weil das eine richtig geile Metal Party wird 🤘🏼

Brainstorm On Spotify !!

Hear it, share it, stream it, ROCK IT 🤘🏼 !! BRAINSTORM @ SPOTIFY !! https://open.spotify.com/artist/6IlOclSCHgJ9Aix6QEktkO?si=ldAp1CSrSRG7sG8ZlSI7lA

Posted by Brainstorm on Saturday, May 9, 2020