08.05 Rock in Rautheim (D)
2-4.07 Wolfweez Open Air (D)
19-21.08 Rock Castle Open Air (CZ)
17-18.09 WGM-Festival (D)

6-8.01 Ice Rock (CH)

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Antonio Ieva – Bass

Antonio IevaNickname: Toni
Date of birth: 04.11.1976
Family: Married, 2 daughters
Pets: Animals in my house are only allowed on the barbecue or in the furnace 🙂
Profession: Working in a hospital and making music
Hobbies: Family, Music, Jogging, Barbecue, and of course the music of Mr. Bruce Springsteen

Bands before BS: Farmer Boys, stereo.pilot, Letter X, Th!nk, Changin’ Attitude etc.
Influences: Bruce Springsteen, Jason Newsted, Steve Harris, Cliff Burton, Gene Simmons, Geddy Lee, Eddie Jackson, Billy Sheehan…
Ambition: To be well balanced and satisfied. And to be well-fed after a great barbecue 🙂
Best (and worst?) concert BS: Best: Absolutely great shows in Mexico / Norway / Czech Republic (Masters Of Rock 2011). And it’s always a pleasure to play in Bochum! Worst: To go on stage with fever; 40 degree Celsius in Memmingen at the “Kaminwerk” 2008. And that was my first Brainstorm Tour and the first show near our homebase!
Best concert you’ve been to: Bruce Springsteen live “The River Tour 2003” and “Working On A Dream Tour 2009, Metallica (“Black Album Tour 1992” and “Death Magnetic Tour”), Porcupine Tree 2007, Death at the “Human Tour” 1993, Queensryche (“Promised Land Tour 1995”), Deftones live in Vienna 2000 and in Stuttgart 2011, Faith No More live 1997, Rush 1992, King’s X always and everywhere, Vicious Rumors 1991, Dave Matthews Band, David Gray
Best BS song(s): “Fire Walk With Me”, “In The Blink Of An Eye”, “Below The Line”, “This Pain Is Mine”, “Honesty”, “The Conjunction Of 7 Planets”, “Cross The Line”…

Favorite stuff:

  • Bands: Bruce Springsteen, Metallica, Dream Theater, Iron Maiden, Pantera, Motörhead, Rush, Dave Matthews Band, Nickelback, John Mellencamp…
  • Musicians: see Influences and Bands
  • CDs/albums:
    Metallica – “Black Album”, “Masters Of Puppets”
    Dream Theater – “Images & Words”, “Awake”
    Faith No More – “King For A Day” / “The Real Thing”,
    Flotsam & Jetsam – “Cuatro”,
    Death – “Human”,
    Slayer – “Seasons In The Abyss”,
    Tool – “Aenima”
    Sepultura –“Chaos A.D.”
    Breaking Benjamin – “Dear Agony”
  • Books/mags: “Sakrileg” / “Illuminati” / “Lord Of The Rings” / “Was würde der Boss tun”
  • Movies/TV: “Lord Of The Rings“ / “Se7en” and everything else from David Fincher / “Braveheart” / “Gladiator” / “Black Swan” / “High Fidelity” / a lot of Sean Penn and M. Night Shyamalan. TV: “Tatort” and “Wilsberg”.
  • Food: Italien and Swabian Food
  • Drinks: Radeberger, Warsteiner, Leikeim Weizen, Stuttgarter Hofbräu, Malteser Weizen,
  • Motto: “It’s Only Rock ‘N’ Roll But I Like It”

Bio: Born in November 1976 in Ludwigsburg; the first instrument I played was the tennis racket of my brother, just to imitate the holy Gene Simmons!

Started playing bass in 1988 after watching Cliff Burton raping his bass guitar! Totally fascinated to see Steve Harris live on stage in 1990 at the “No Prayer On The Road Tour”. First studio experience in 1992; first bunch of live shows in 1993 with my oldest friends of Changin’ Attitude; first official album in 1996 with Letter X.

Followed by a lot of studio recordings with many different bands and artists, some studio and live jobs just for fun (and sometimes for the money :-), doing a workshop tour for my endorsing partners, a bunch of live performances – TV and radio appearances and a few tours – and all that  with the mighty Farmer Boys.

Now I am very happy to play the music I love… modern power metal with BRAINSTORM! I am pleased to share the stages worldwide with Andy – Mille – Todde and of course Dieter!

The most important thing after my lovely wife and my 2 sweet little daughters is making music… the hard way! Loud, dirty, dusty, crashing and always honest! That’s for sure…

Some words for the fans:
Let’s have some ice cold beers together after the next shows !! PROST !!