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17.08 Summer Breeze (D)
07.09 Metal Infusion (D)
28.09 Fort Fun Park (D)
12.10 Birthday Rocks (D)

20.11 Lisbon (P)
21.11 Madrid (E)
22.11 Autumn Alive (E)
23.11 November Metal Fest (E)
29.11 Zaragoza (E)

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Celtic Rock, Burg Greifenstein

New show announcement!
Brainstorm live @ Celtic Rock Open Air @ Burg Greifenstein

Revealing The Darkness Lyric Video

!! B R A I N I A C S !!
We hope you’ll have a great weekend 🤘 Let’s try to make it even better ! So turn the volume up and enjoy your soundtrack 😎 Some good news to come next week…

Headliner Set in Vienna

☡ Ö S T E R R E I C H ☡
Wir haben euch nicht vergessen 😉 Am 12.07.2019 sind wir zurück in WIEN im Club “Escape” mit einem Headliner Set !!
Special Guests: “BULLET” 🤘
Opener: “Diamond Falcon”.
Kommt vorbei… das wird großartig !!!!

Deaf Forever Reader Charts

Another German magazine, DEAF FOREVER:
Reader Charts – Album of the Year 2018 🤘

MIDNIGHT GHOST ended up at #28 !!
A great result 😎 Thanks so much to the readers and fans who chose us, for the absolutely amazing support, and of course to the editorial staff 🕛👻 We are proud 🤘 — DEAF FOREVER.

Rock Hard Reader Charts

The German magazine “ROCK HARD” Reader Charts 2018:
MIDNIGHT GHOST ended up on #17 in the category “Album of the Year” !!
How cool is that!?!? You guys are the best… many thanks for that 🤘🤘 — feeling proud with Rock Hard.

Metal United Festival

Don’t forget:
BRAINSTORM live in Regensburg 🤘
“Metal United Festival” on August 3rd, 2019.
That will be great !! Who will we see there????
Metal United Festival Regensburg.

Summer Festival Ghost On The Road 2019

“Summer Festival Ghost On The Road 2019” – Check the upcoming shows….

Thank You !!

7 countries, 16 shows, 17 days, 16 musicians, a fantastic crew… and YOU, in between thousands of incredible fans: THANK YOU !!
‘The midnight ghost on the road – European tour pt. 1’… became an unbelievable success … and YOU made it possible!
Thank you everyone and we hope to see you soon again somewhere out there…
Andy | Todde | Mille | Toni | Dieter

Stuttgart !

S T U T T G A R T ❤
Wir lieben euch 😍 Das war unfassbar geil !! Ein krönender Abschluss einer unvergesslichen Tour 🤘 SOLD OUT 🤘Vielen Dank, ihr seid der Wahnsinn !!!!

S T U T T G A R T ❤
We love you 😍 That was incredible !! The crown on our unforgettable Tour 🤘 SOLD OUT 🤘 Thank you so much, you are amazing !!!!

Stuttgart Sold Out !

The show in Stuttgart on Saturday is

Stuttgart show sold out!