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Delta Metal Meeting (D)

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Songwriting Sessions!

SONGWRITING SESSIONS for the next BRAINSTORM album are in full swing !!
We are totally on fire and in a perfect mood to nail down some great HEAVY METAL tunes !!!!
Watch out for more news…

New pics in our Live Pictures gallery!

We’ve added some 2017 Live Pictures in our gallery, thanks to Jørgen Freim and Irina Ivanova for the very cool shots!

Karmøygeddon Metal Festival (N)
06.05.2017 – © Jørgen Freim

Prague (CZ)
24.02.2017 – © Irina Ivanova

Zlin (CZ)
25.02.2017 – © Irina Ivanova

That’s why we love the Karmøygeddon Metal Festival & Norway !!

As loud as only vikings sing !!

New live video online !!

“We Are…” live at the Masters Of Rock Festival 2016, in front of 30.000 fantastic people !! Follow us on our You Tube channel !! METAL FOR THE MASSES !!

Next stop: Norway!

Back In The (B)east of Europe!

BRAINSTORM back in the (B)east of Europe! Better be there!

Happy New Year !!

Thank you everybody for a fantastic and amazing 2016! We enjoyed every single minute!! All the very best for 2017, so we wish you a peaceful, amazing but heavy new year! Metal to the maxxx, cheers and prost… Andy, Todde, Mille, Toni and Dieter

Merry Christmas !!

Hey Brainiacs !! We wish all of you, your families and friends: MERRY CHRISTMAS !! Have some wonderful, relaxed and most importantly: PEACEFUL holidays. We’ll back, next week… Andy, Todde, Mille, Toni & Dieter 🙂

New Budapest show with Firewind!

Okay… now it`s official !!

We will return to Budapest/Hungary next year !!

Co-Headliner show together with the great FIREWIND !!

So meet us there and enjoy an evening full of POWER METAL at its finest…

CU at the 26th of February, 2017 in the club “A38” in Budapest…


Brainstorm X-mas Party

BRAINSTORM X-mas Party. “Rudolph” was on the menu, sorry kids 😉 CHEERS