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24.03. Power Metal Fest (D)
14.04. Delta Metal M’ting (D)
1-3.06. Metalfest (CZ)
5-7.07. Rockfest (E)

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Happy New Year!

The year is coming to an end and we expect really great things in 2018 !! Watch out for a new KILLER ALBUM… more festivals and a bunch of single shows… touring plans… video clips and so on !!!! We are ready !!
But first: A HEAVY NEW YEAR !!

Merry Christmas and a Heavy New Year!

Dear metalheads and Brainiacs…

We wish you a wonderful and peaceful, MERRY CHRISTMAS and a f#&%ing great, amazing and heavy new year! There are great things to come in 2018… new album, festivals, tours aso. So be prepared as we can’t wait to see and meet you all again somewhere out there as soon as possible! Raise your horns and have a great weekend, maniacs! See you soon…

Cheers, Andy, Todde, Mille, Toni, Dieter

Barcelona line-up \m/

WTF !?!? It’s one hell of a line-up !!!!!

Cancelling 2017 activities

(English translation below)

“Hi Leute,

heute leider eine etwas unerfreuliche Nachricht für uns alle: Dieter’s Arzt hat bzgl seines Sehnenrisses und der anschließenden Operation heute sein Veto eingelegt, so dass wir alle Live Aktivitäten für die letzten zwei Monate dieses Jahres absagen müssen. Sehr gerne hätten wir mit Euch gefeiert, gesungen und die Gläser geleert, aber Dieters Gesundheit steht an erster Stelle. Den Heilungsprozess will niemand gefährden um nicht eine noch längere Pause zu riskieren.
Anfang 2018 stehen die Aufnahmen zu unserem neuen Album an und wir sind uns heute schon sicher, mit voller Brainstorm-Power und mit brandneuem Material eure Köpfe in gewohnter Weise freipusten zu können.
HORNS UP und bis bald… mit jeder Menge News bzgl Album, Tour und Festivals!
Metal to the maxxx ”

Hi guys,

Unfortunately, a slightly unpleasant news for all of us today: Dieter’s doctor has vetoed his torn tendon and the subsequent operation, so we have to cancel all live activities for the last two months of this year. We would have loved to have celebrated, sung and emptied our glasses with all of you, but Dieter’s health comes first. Nobody wants to endanger the healing process and risk an even longer break.
At the beginning of 2018 we will record our new album and today we are already certain that we will be able to blow your minds as usual with full Brainstorm-Power and brand new material.
HORNS UP and see you soon … with lots of news regarding the album, tour and festivals!
Metal to the maxxx

Rockfest Barcelona

Next European festival for 2018 to announce:
“Rockfest Barcelona” !! Check that gorgeous line-up…

Production meeting :)

Production meeting for the next Brainstorm album. After several liters of wine and beer we agreed to record an amazing, bone crushing and thrilling new album in early 2018. So raise your glasses and stay tuned for all upcoming news… Metal to the maxxx, metalheads and enjoy life

Update from Dieter

Hey Brainiacs, friends & fans everywhere…

After a successful surgery, I’m trying and doing my very best to recover as soon as possible. But it will take time, until I can kick my friends’ asses again. So until then, I will work hard and waste no time.
So far, I was extremely overwhelmed by the response and wishes I received after the first posting. This was far beyond my expectations and made me just speechless!
So it’s time to say THANK YOU!!
This gives me so much strength and power… I will be back soon…
Until then,… stay tuned for more news about the upcoming album, tours and festivals in 2018!

Thank you, have a great week, yours, Dieter

Power Metal Festival 2018

Time to come back to Bavaria | New headliner show to announce | Power Metal Festival 2018: BRAINSTORM live in Freising | Lindeneller | 24.03.2018
+ “Signum Regis” + “Within Silence”

Speedy recovery, Dieter!

Oops, … that for sure did hurt!

Dieter’s biceps tendon got ripped off.
Feel free to send him some kind of virtual flowers to the hospital, we will bring him some good “Four Roses Whiskey” and our good company for a hopefully soon recovery …


YEAH 🤘🏻 Czech Republic !! We will be back… in 2018 !!! “METALFEST OPEN AIR” in Pilsen !! We are really looking forward to see a lot of fans & friends again 🤘🏻