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17.08 Summer Breeze (D)
07.09 Metal Infusion (D)
28.09 Fort Fun Park (D)
12.10 Birthday Rocks (D)

20.11 Lisbon (P)
21.11 Madrid (E)
22.11 Autumn Alive (E)
23.11 November Metal Fest (E)
29.11 Zaragoza (E)

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The 5th Season

1. Liar’s Edge
Don’t blame me! Raw power from the base!
2. Live In Shame
Don’t forget the reason why a little child is born – dedicated to all mistreated children
3. Kamikaze
Lost in the sky · groovy power with asian touch!

4. Up From The Ashes
They rise · some still don’t learn form the past
5. Blind
Speak the truth or go to hell! Time to tango, man!
6. Reach for the sky
Don’t turn away · melodic power metal with surprise · you know what I mean?!

Marcus Jürgens – Vocals
Torsten Ihlenfeld – Guitars
Milan Loncaric – Guitars
Andreas Mailänder – Bass
Dieter Bernert – Drums

Additional keyboards by Stefan Schweikert
Keyboard arrangements by Torsten Ihlenfeld

Produced by Torsten Ihlenfeld
Recorded March 1994 at Wasteworld Heidenheim
Recorded and mixed by Peter Waschelewski

Music by Ihlenfeld/Loncaric
Lyrics by Jürgens/Ihlenfeld
Arranged by Brainstorm