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17.08 Summer Breeze (D)
07.09 Metal Infusion (D)
28.09 Fort Fun Park (D)
12.10 Birthday Rocks (D)

20.11 Lisbon (P)
21.11 Madrid (E)
22.11 Autumn Alive (E)
23.11 November Metal Fest (E)
29.11 Zaragoza (E)

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Milan Loncaric – Guitar

Milan LoncaricNickname: Mille
Date of birth: February 15th 1971
Family: wife and three boys
Pets: no
Profession: Steel Construction Mechanic
Hobbies: Music, and riding my Harley

Bands before BS: Changes and Twilight
Influences: Symphonic Metal, Heavy Metal, Hard Rock, Rock.
Ambition: There is nothing like our own family
Best concert BS: still Wacken 2004
Best concert you’ve been to: AC/DC, Judas Priest, Rammstein
Best BS song(s): Fire Walk With Me, All Those Words, Temple Of Stone…

Favorite stuff:

  • Bands: AC/DC, Gotthard, Van Halen, Dio, Crimson Glory…
  • Musicians: Eddie Van Halen, Mike Portnoy, Steve Harris, Ronnie James Dio
  • CDs/albums: Back In Black, Transcendence (Crimson Glory), Digital Dictator (Vicious Rumors)
  • Books/mags: Metal Mags, Biker Mags, Bedtime stories
  • Movies/TV: Transporter, Underworld, Gamer, Sponge Bob
  • Food: Balkan food, Italian food
  • Drinks: Four Roses, Beer and red wine
  • Motto: Women always know what men do not want to know.

Bio: Born in Swabia as rock’n roll Croatian. I am living as a German Metalman West of the city

Some words for the fans: A huge thank you to all the fans that have always remained faithful. You are the best! We will need you the next 25 years!

Mille @ Graspop 2013 © Hans van Hoof