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17.08 Summer Breeze (D)
07.09 Metal Infusion (D)
28.09 Fort Fun Park (D)
12.10 Birthday Rocks (D)

20.11 Lisbon (P)
21.11 Madrid (E)
22.11 Autumn Alive (E)
23.11 November Metal Fest (E)
29.11 Zaragoza (E)

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Andy B. Franck – Vocals

Andy B. FranckDate of birth: February, 20th.

Family: yes … and proud of!
Pets: the black cat “Mogli”
Profession: Singer
Hobbies: Music, Games, Workout / Jogging

Bands before BS: Lightning, Ivanhoe, Symphorce…
Influences: Thrash Metal of the 80’s, NWOBHM, Classic & American Metal,
Ambition: ruling the wastelands… and again: screaming for a lovebite!
Best concert BS: Progpower 2004, Karmoygeddon 2009, Masters Of Rock 2011 – still goosebumps as these (and many others as well…) have been f#*&ing unbelievable and unforgettable!
Best concert(s) you’ve been to: Iron Maiden, In Flames, Gun, Within Temptation, Rammstein, Slayer…

Best BS song(s): “Highs Without Lows”, “End In Sorrow”, “Blink of an Eye”, “Erased By The Dark” & “Recall The Real” …

Favorite stuff:

  • Bands: In Flames, Soilwork, Within Temptation, Megadeth, Iron Maiden…
  • Musicians: Bruce Dickinson, Rob Halford, Huey Lewis, Tom Jones…
  • CDs/albums: Clayman, Number Of The Beast,
  • Books/mags: “Die Leber wächst mit ihren Aufgaben” and everything by Eckart von Hirschhausen… & Game Of Thrones!
  • Movies/TV: Game Of Thrones, James Bond, Fast’n Furious … “Circus Halligalli”…
  • Food: Schnitzel, Geschnetzeltes, … Eat The Rich!!!
  • Drinks: Red Wine, Hugo,…yes I know, I’ a pussy!
  • Motto: There’s something going on… whenever this door closes, another door opens somewhere!

Bio: Born in … still living in … loving in …. and staying in: Stuttgart… the one and only heart of metal !!!

Some words for the fans: This is way more than I ever expected: every show, every album, every single fan and friend … Thanks for your support over all those years. Without you, me and the boys would be nothing!
Last words (for now): Expect the unexpected,… whenever…wherever…I’m ready!

Andy @ Graspop 2013 © Rudy De Doncker